About this class

Materials provided in class fee include:

* Text (distributed first day of class)

* Handouts

* Plot plans (four)


What you must have with you for this class (see below also):

* One drafting compass - do not bring cheap plastic ones, they don't work!

* One engineer scale - be sure not to get an architect's scale!

* One good eraser - Magic Rub for example

* One simple calculator; add, subtract, multiply and divide is all that's needed.

* Several #2 pencils; mechanical pencils will also work

* One triangle, 45/90°, preferably smoke tinted

* One erasing shield (helpful, but not essential)

* Highlighters or some means to mark portions of the text as we go through it


*** I can provide a drafting supplies kit for $25 if I am notified at least several days in advance. If you pay online, the drop down box allows you to choose the option of adding this. CLICK HERE to see picture of items provided in packet or that you will need to bring on your own.

CLICK HERE to see what you must bring on your own, not provided.